Bee Club

Bee Club

The Bee Club meets on Tuesday afternoons in Mr. McDonald's room for regularly scheduled activities.  All are welcome, come check it out!

Advisors:  Mr. McDonald & Mr. Coverdale

Contact Bee Club Advisor, Jim McDonald ([email protected]) with any questions
Bee Hivespicture of bee hives by the Sunapee middle high school Bee Club
Even as honey is a superfood, so too, beekeeping is a

In its first year, the Sunapee Middle High School Honeybee Club has provided student members with real-life study and application of agriculture, botany, biology, environmental science, cabinet making, animal husbandry--and now marketing: the list goes on. Not only is this animal science multifaceted, but it has also become of national import, made clear in the current crisis of American Honeybee Colony Collapse Disorder.

Sunapee Middle High School Honeybee Club was started last fall with two bee hives. Now, our apiary has six hives, with another two hives in a different Sunapee location.
Students learn about honeybee management, including swarm control, and disease and pest
prevention. But the most important step in learning anything: the Honeybee Club provides opportunity for doing.

All proceeds of these honey sales go to reimbursement to the Sunapee School District for initial start-up costs, and on-going expenses. Look for other products (lip balm, wax products, throat lozenges) in the future.