Atlas Curriculum Maps

Atlas is the Sunapee School District curriculum mapping website. The curriculum maps give you a window into what students are learning as they progress through the academic program in Sunapee.

To navigate the system:

  • Anywhere you see the "Sunapee School District Curriculum Maps" logo, click on it to be taken to the portal.
  • Click on the “Browse” tab located to the right of the Atlas logo on the page.
  • Use the drop-down menus in the Filter box to select the subject, grade level, and/or course title you want to view.
  • After you have selected a filter or filters, click on the “Browse” button at the bottom right of the Filter box. This will give you a list of the courses that meet the criteria you set using the filters.
  • Once you select the course you would like to view, you will see a calendar view with a list of the units in that particular course.
  • Click on a Unit to view its curriculum. Please note: Time frames listed for each unit are approximations; teachers adjust pacing of instruction as best meets the needs of their students.
  • When you are in the system, you can click on the Atlas logo to return to the home screen.
A curriculum map is a tool for organizing what Sunapee School District expects students to know and be able to do. Curriculum maps help facilitate thoughtful curriculum analysis. They can be used as a framework for decision making as we seek to improve instruction and student learning. Faculty and parents can look at our school's curriculum maps to see when specific content is covered. Maps also serve as a basis for aligning the curriculum vertically and to identify gaps and repetitions in units of study. Because maps are developed using a monthly calendar, they also aid in aligning the curriculum horizontally, serving as guides for teachers of a common grade level or course, to address units following the same timelines.

The reader should note and be cautioned that a curriculum map is always a “work in progress”. Curriculum is never “finished”. Because curriculum is directly connected to student learners and the events that surround our daily lives, it must change to remain current and relevant. Please also understand these maps cannot capture the rich, multidimensional educational experience we provide our students.

We hope you find our curriculum site to be a useful source of information about our academic program. Please direct questions to Walter Huston (SCES, or Meagan Reed (SMHS, [email protected]).