Learning Expectations

Problem Solve Defined

  • Understands the problem and devises a plan.
  • Implements a plan.
  • Reflects on results.
  • Creates an organizing structure.

Think Critically Defined

  • Provides an in-depth analysis of evidence
  • Evaluates validity of sources and information
  • Differentiates facts and opinions
  • Assesses ideas, perspectives, or overall themes/messages and arguments

Read Effectively Defined

  • Demonstrates insightful understanding of main and subordinate ideas
  • Makes logical inferences
  • Supports interpretations with textual evidence
  • Makes connections, generates questions, and recalls relevant background knowledge
  • Uses context clues to enhance vocabulary and comprehension

Write Effectively Defined

  • Incorporates insightful ideas
  • Indicates sound understanding or interpretation of material
  • Demonstrates an understanding of both purpose and audience
  • Maintains a consistent focus or argument
  • Presents ideas in a logical, understandable, and coherent manner
  • Consistently uses standard grammar, spelling, and mechanics

Speak Well Defined

  • Speaks audibly, clearly, and expressively
  • Shows depth of understanding
  • Demonstrates an awareness of audience
  • Employs verbal and non-verbal messages to enhance presentation
  • Organizes the presentation logically and coherently

Demonstrate Defined

  • Shows evidence of knowledge individually and/or within a group.
  • Uses skills to perform a task.
  • Transfers knowledge to new contexts or to real life situations.
  • Works with care and attention to detail
  • Selects and utilizes materials, resources or equipment.
  • Employs creativity.