Senior Project


Senior Project


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What is Senior Project?

The Senior Project has four major components: a proposal, a physical product, journal, and final presentation. The first component will be the students' project proposal which will include a choice of project and a selection of a mentor. The students will then create a journal to log the actions and reflections throughout the project. They will document work completed and relate successes as well as failures during the process of project completion. The product component of the project will require the student to create some sort of visual or physical representation of their project. For the final piece of the project, students will explain the learning involved in the completion of the project and demonstrate the new knowledge gained during a 10-20 minute presentation on Senior Project Night.

Why is Senior Project so important?Arrow

In this busy world, it is often easy to lose track of what is important. When school starts, we become absorbed in the day-to-day duties. In the senior year, students will juggle homework, sports, jobs, family, and social life with the added challenge of making decisions about life after Sunapee Middle High School. At this critical point, it is important to take the time to ask what matters. What new skills and knowledge will be acquired in order to grow beyond the learning that is happening everyday in the classroom? Seniors will have the opportunity to reach out beyond the classroom walls to explore their own area of study and to combine skills they have learned at SMHS in a significant demonstration of growth. Senior Project is designed to encourage lifelong learning, and the project should be challenging, stimulating and fun. Seniors should walk away from this experience with a greater sense of who they are and who they are becoming.

How will students be graded?

Senior Project is no longer graded on the Pass/Fail assessment. Students will be graded throughout the year based on a series of important steps such as a quality Project Proposal, updating his/her Learning Log regularly, completing the ten-hour checkpoints thoughtfully, and developing a quality presentation. A complete list of graded elements can be found in the Senior Project Handbook, and deadlines are posted on the school calendar via Google.

Senior Project 24-25 Handbook