How to Cite Sources

You need to cite sources in presentations the same way you cite sources in research papers. For images, your audience should be able to find the original image based on the source information in your citation, which should be located either next to the image or below it (see example, right). Also, at the end of your presentation you should provide a works cited page listing the full source information for each in-text citation within your slides. These rules also apply to quotes or other content taken from other sources.

 intext citation for slides

The sample Sunapee High School paper and the sample middle school paper both follow Modern Language Association guidelines and can serve as blueprints for citing sources in your own research paper. Additionally, because the papers are well written, they nicely illustrate what quality work looks like. 

Image of MLA intext citations

Besides being well written, the sample papers (above) show the MLA formatting necessary for a research paper's header, heading, title, paragraph spacing, in-text citations, and a final works cited page. The papers follow MLA version 7, not 8, but the style differences are minor. 

MLA works cited entries can be auto-generated from within the library's subscription databases. These types of preformatted citations can then be easily copied and pasted into NoodleTools, following these instructions. NoodleTools follows MLA style guidelines and helps ensure that your works cited page will be properly formatted according to MLA Core Elements of Citation, the order and punctuation of which appear to the right. Instructions for manually typing into NoodleTools' citation templates can be found on the NoodleTools page of this website.

Image of MLA core elements

In-text citations (see samples) are included in the sentences of your paper and point your readers to the full source citations, which are found in your paper's works cited page. This video, beginning at the 3:55 mark, illustrates how this process works, as does the video below.