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Sunapee Middle High School Guidance Department
 Scholarship Information

Applications are available in the Guidance Office. Please contact guidance with any questions you may have:

Scholarship Guidelines & Procedures
SMHS~ Class of 2020
To: All Seniors
From: Jackie Watkins, Guidance Counselor
RE: Scholarship Information
Date: 1/9/2020

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation in June. This is a very exciting time as you plan for college, careers and beyond. Part of the planning process of higher education is the associated cost. Scholarships can help lessen the amount you will pay or borrow. Taking extra time now can really pay off later when it comes to student loans!!

This packet includes Local Scholarship Applications; state/regional scholarships are posted on the guidance webpage and are available in the guidance office. On average, $50,000 in local scholarships is awarded to graduating seniors from Sunapee Middle High School each year.

Please review the Scholarships available and the process of application. The list is divided by
scholarships that require the SMHS Application and those that require a separate application. I have included a couple of separate applications in the packet and others can be found in the Guidance Office.

**Keep in mind the following tips & guidelines:
  • Check the guidance web page weekly for new Scholarship postings
  • Deadlines are extremely important. Read each application carefully. Remember neatness counts!!! Print in ink or type each application.
  • Transcripts are required with your application. This packet provides you with three copies of your transcript; see the guidance department for additional copies.
  • Essays may be required for some Scholarships.
  • Recommendations from counselors or teachers may be required and you are responsible for obtaining these letters.
  • Do make copies of your applications and letters. Keep copies in the folder for your reference.
  • Often times you are going to be required to write a letter of thank you to the scholarship donor. If you are not required, you should still write a letter. Don’t miss this important step. Mail or submit your letter no later than a week after graduation. Don’t procrastinate with this important step.
  • Staple or paperclip all requested information together.
  • When you are awarded a scholarship you will be given a letter with instructions on how to receive scholarship funds. Please review the letter carefully and follow up with donors in a timely manner.
  • Mrs. Watkins is happy to assist you in the completion of your applications. Please come in to guidance anytime to see her or make an appointment.